Heavy-Duty Screw Driving Robot - SR765Y-THETA-Z Heavy-Duty Screw Driving Robots. The robot incorporates a horizontal turning arm, axis, with a Y-axis. THETA and Y axes are powered by AC servo motors, while the screwdriver stroke is powered by a AC servo motor and the spindle rotation is powered by a NITTO driver. The screws will be automatically blowfed by means of our centerboard hopper screwfeeder equipped with a single-shuttle air escapement. 

Maximum working envelope of the robot is THETA-axis, 300mm; Y-axis 500mm, Z-axis 400mm. 

FM810V-01-E KX Single-spindle automatic screwdriving unit with linear slide operation. A KX motor shall drive the screwdriver spindle. Package comes complete with all spindles, feeder, motors, controllers and cables. The vacuum suction feature allows the fastener to be retained in the screw guide during driver stroke descent 

Screw Sizes: M5 - M8 (Max length 35mm)
Torque Range: 3.92 - 15.70 Nm
Maximum chuck stroke is 100mm (3.94"").

FF801H feeder. Single Escapement. The feeder is an oscillating centerboard hopper feeder with inline chute rails and horizontal positive-motion vibratory track to insure proper feeding to the escapement. An electric motor with belt drive and slip clutch features shall actuate the centerboard hopper blade assembly. Basket capacity of each centerboard feeder is approximately 550 screws. KX100-T2-A*. KX Series brushless AC servo motor. Reliable design offers superior life and less to maintain. Current control and resolver for highly accurate torque / speed / and angle control. Torque repeatability is +/- 3% at the output shaft. 

SD550 Series Controller - 120VAC. Multiple program selections available. External I/O capabilities. Preprogrammed for all fastening situations. 

RC5500 Robot Controller. Yaskawa based PLC controls. All servo motor controllers are AC motors with absolute encoders and battery backup. Includes operating pendant with Mitsubishi GOT1000 series touch screen. Ethernet enabled for external HMI, or Ethernet I/O control.

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