Servo Controlled Single Spindle for Thrust Control

An automotive glass company was having difficulty assembling a rear-view mirror. The equipment they were using was a single-spindle screw driver with a pneumatic cylinder z-axis and a bowl feeder. The fastener was a thread cutting Torx screw and the thrust of the pneumatic Z-axis was not enough to keep the bit engaged during drive. They added a booster to the system, to try to increase thrust, without much success. There was an additional clearance issue with the screw chuck claws not having enough room to reliably open, causing the screw to sometimes drop out during driving.

We evaluated the application and proposed our FM513V-Z single spindle driver. A turn-key package with everything needed to feed and drive the screw, the FM513V-Z uniquely addressed each of their problems. Utilizing an AC servo motor and ball screw, the servo Z-axis let them precisely control the thrust needed for the application. The FM513V-Z uses a vacuum chuck to advance the screw to the part, so chuck clearance is no longer a problem. The screw guide needs only 1mm greater than the head diameter in clearance to operate, allowing it to get into very restricted areas, not accessible by standard screw chucks.

The complete package of feeder, spindle, motor, controllers and HMI allowed easy integration into their existing machine using just a couple I/O and no special programming.

Nitto Seiko America